About NCN


Purpose: Our purpose will support a medley of cancer causes within the mission of the NationalCancerNetwork.org™. Our focus is prevention and early detection through education and screening events. Our objectives will be to comfort patients diagnosed with cancer and support families and caregivers who are often the lifeline to their loved ones.

Mission: Raise awareness to prevent late stage diagnosis of all cancers through multiple platforms of prevention, protection, screening and referrals.

Vision: A world free of Cancer

Our Values: Courage, Integrity, Perseverance, Support and Success

Intention: Our intention is to rise up and speak for those already silenced by cancer. To support the caregivers, friends and families who seek information and answers for their beloved during the difficult times of cancer therapy and beyond.

To create a membership community that is supportive of the Mission of the National Cancer Network.org™.

To create a community of caring interdisciplinary professionals dedicated to disease prevention.

To provide resources on our website to care givers and the public at large that are affected by cancer and want to join us in our vision of a world free of Cancer.

The National Cancer Network™.org is building a revolutionary, one of its kind educational platforms for the world afflicted by cancer. We are positioning the NationalCancerNetwork™.org to be your resource, open and welcoming arms and safe sanctuary with a warm human connection so desired by families dealing with the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges faced with a cancer diagnosis. Our team is busy building relationships with top professionals around the world who have dedicated their lives to the diverse aspects of cancer and who want to share the latest information with you through the mission of the NationalCancerNetwork™.org.

The NationalCancerNetwork™.org is a membership website that is fully accessible with resources and information like the latest screening, diagnostic, active therapy, disease management, nutrition or spiritual and emotional practices for your review. This information will generate a resource library and a more informed opportunity for you to reach out to a practitioner, organization, manufacturer or product to serve your specific needs. So whether you are a patient looking for a caring practitioner, a service provider looking to associate with an agency or a caregiver seeking resources and solutions to assist those we love in fight of their life the National CancerNetwork™.org will be the resource to come to first!